Coffin Pendant (E)


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Coffin Pendant ‘E’

These Coffin Pendants are all individually hand crafted.
Sculpted to shape by hand, hand painted & coated with sealant, then hung on rope.
Each & every design painted on these Coffin Pendants are unique & no two are exactly alike.

*** For each Coffin Pendant sold, I will send a donation of $5.00 to: NAVS (National Anti-Vivisection Society). An organization in which I’ve supported for the last 8 years.

**Each Coffin Pendant costs $25.00, which includes the string & shipping (within the USA ONLY).
Anyone looking to purchase a Coffin Pendant from outside the USA, write to: to tell me what country you’d like it sent to & you will be given the proper shipping fee for international orders. Thank you.