King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit (2nd Edition)


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In late summer 1998, Myke Hideous left The Misfits as lead singer and began writing an autobiography about his career as an independent musician entitled: King Of An Empire To The Shoes Of A Misfit – The Memoirs Of Myke Hideous. This book tells the story of what it takes to be an independent musician in the underground music scene. It exposes Myke’s life from the time he created The Empire Hideous, to his short term position as lead singer for The Misfits. On December 8th, 2005, printing of all copies was halted by Myke and ultimately it became unavailable to the public for nearly a decade. Until now! Shortly after the beginning of 2014, Myke made the decision to re-release King Of An Empire- as a second edition. However, before doing so he intended to re-edit the existing contents and add a new chapter to the book’s end. After nearly six months of editing and revisions, the book is finally available.

This new second edition of King Of An Empire- features new cover artwork, 30 new photos of the 55 included throughout the book, re-edited versions of the first 10 chapters, and last but not least a brand new 11th chapter that details the time span from 2000-2014. Only soft cover versions of the second edition are available for purchase. No electronic/Kindle versions are available of this book. AND NEVER WILL BE!

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