Body Of Work


Track List:

  • Wild Wife
  • Devious Child
  • Tower of Empty Hallways
  • Letters from Puppets
  • Lock Up Outside (previously unreleased)
  • Opera March Of The Empire
  • Rhino
  • Mr. Barnum
  • Find My Way Out
  • Power The Empire
  • To Thread A Needle
  • Impious
  • Kissing Your Poison
  • November
  • Parasites Bible
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This CD/LP is a compilation released by Hell’s Hundred Records of Empire Hideous’ first three musical releases. Those included: The Empire Hideous 12” EP (aka: The Fly album), This Evil On Earth and Only Time Will Tell. One track from the 12” EP is excluded, as is one track from Only Time Will Tell. However, a song that had never before been released or heard by Hideous fans is included. It’s the very first song Myke Hideous ever wrote and recorded entitled: “Locked Up Outside.” All tracks on this CD have been re-mastered. 1000 CDs were pressed.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 0.25 in