SpySociety99 – Die Punk, Die! (download)

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Digital release features 12 tracks in 320kb high quality .mp3 format, with cover art. Please note, this does not include the two bonus tracks found on the CD.

  • Walking With Lacanthropy
  • Killing You
  • NI4NI
  • Rise Of The Insects
  • Every Man For Himself
  • Clock Stopped Ticking
  • The Drag
  • Too Dead

Die Punk, Die! Now! also includes bonus songs:

  • Where Have You Been?” (featuring: Mark Steiner on backing vocals)
  • Bogus
  • Nostalgia
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For the first time ever, the long awaited, full length CD album of SpySociety99 is here. Myke (aka SpY99) formed SS99 only one month after he departed from the Misfits, in September of 1998. The band played countless shows thereafter on the east coast and recorded an album’s worth of material which was never released. Until now, that is. Featuring 11 original tracks written and performed by the original line up of musicians, the CD also contains 3 brand new, bonus tracks from a 2013 recording session of new SS99 music, featured as a new EP on the CD, called “Die Punk, Die! Now!” The band’s spy look and jazz-punk sound is exposed on this album. Get yours today!